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Why do I need a DVD Labeler?
DVD Labeler will capture all DVD chapter images and automatically create scene indexing labels for your Home movie. It allows you to know the exact content of your movie and select the scene for watching prior to inserting the disc into DVD player. You can save, edit and share DVD images as digital pictures.

How much is DVD Labeler?
Only $24.95. You can download the 7-days trial version here.

How could I transfer my home videos from video tapes to DVD?
You might purchase a DVD recorder or use one of the DVD authoring software products to create your own DVDs. Otherwise, you could order professional video-to-DVD conversion at www.apmstudio.com.

Where could I get help with DVD Labeler?
Please email us at support@dvdlabeler.com.

What skills are required to use DVD Labeler?
No special skills are required at all. It is really a "Click-and-You-Are-Done" application. Insert your DVD to DVD-ROM, launch DVD Labeler from a desktop and choose one of the labels to print. If you choose Disc Label, insert blank disc labels into your printer. Jewel Case and DVD Safe Case inserts are printed on standard paper. Left click to magnify image, right click to remove an unwanted image.
I've transferred my home videos to DVD-Rs. Will DVD Labeler scan them for chapter images?
Yes, DVD Labeler will scan for chapter images most of DVD formats, such as DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM.

Is DVD Labeler compatible with all DVD-ROMs?
Yes. As soon as you can watch DVD movies on your PC, you will be able to capture chapter images and create DVD scene indexing labels with DVD Labeler.

Can DVD Labeler be used to make labels for Hollywood DVD movies I own?
DVD Labeler should only be used to make labels for DVDs that you own for your personal use. You should not make Scene indexing labels of copyright protected DVD movies in order to sell or give away copies or for any commercial purpose.

Is it possible to create Scene Indexing labels both for NTSC and Pal DVD Movies?

Is DVD Labeler compatible with Macintosh ®?
No, DVD Labeler is not compatible with Macintosh/Apple ® at the moment.

Do I need to purchase blank labels?
It is only necessary to purchase blank Disc labels if you are going to print out labels applicable directly to DVD disc. Jewel case inserts and DVD Movie case inserts may be printed on plain paper.
I've inserted DVD into DVD-ROM but the message: "Please insert DVD into DVD-ROM" appears. Why?
Please make sure that a DVD, not a CD or VCD is inserted into DVD-ROM. DVD Labeler can only scan DVDs. Make sure your DVD is not physically damaged and readable by DVD-ROM.

DVD Labeler will not run. Why?
Please make sure, that DVD playback software is installed on your computer. All other applications should be closed. Make sure, that DVD playback is off.

I installed the program and could get only one image from my DVD. Why?
In case if no chapters where created during DVD authoring or recording, DVD Labeler will capture only one image to be placed on a label. You should select Timecode indexing option and DVD Labeler will automatically capture 54 DVD images selected by the time code.

I tried to create a label but keep getting an error message
A1. Please try to play your DVD movie. If you can not watch the movie, DVD Labeler will not be able to capture chapter images for your label.
A2. Please check if Media format is correct for the drive. The following formats are compatible with DVD Labeler: DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM.
A3. DVD could be damaged and unreadable.
A4. Try another movie.
A5. Please disable auto play notification for inserted DVDs. Some DVD players will automatically start playing once a movie is inserted.
A6. Close DVD Labeler, try playing the movie briefly, then exit the player and launch DVD Labeler again.
A7. Check for updates. We are constantly improving DVD Labeler's functionality.

There are 36 chapters in my DVD movie. Why only 10 images are displayed on a Disc label?
Number of images displayed on a Disc label is limited to 10. You may be willing to print out Jewel Case or DVD Movie Case inserts to display all chapter images.

The "Failed to scan DVD" message appeared. What's wrong?
Some features like "Auto play" can interfere with DVD Labeler. Please close all running programs and try again.
I've downloaded Trial version and now would like to purchase the program. What should I do?
To purchase DVD Labeler please launch the program and select Buy Now option.

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